What Are Video Books?


Video Books are the NEW way to promote or commemorate your event!

Equipped with a micro-thin LCD screen, your guests and your invitees will be astounded with the top-of-the-line clarity and resolution that comes with each piece.

Record your announcement, your invitation, or even a personalized thank you that will really stick out in the minds of those closest to you.

Why Video Books?


Each video book is incredibly versatile!

Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, but they come equipped with a USB charging cable that enables you to not only charge each piece, but to upload personalized videos pertinent to your upcoming event.


Photo albums and five-hour-long wedding videos are going the way of the dodo.

As our society becomes more tech-savvy, people want more commemorative pieces that can show the highlights of their big day without an endless amount of photos in a bulky binder, or a boring 3-5 hour video of the event itself.

How Much Do Video Books Cost?


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